Secondary Diploma / High School

NOTE: The material contained in this guide is the sole property of My Dreams Academy and is for authorized use only. Students must not copy or share this material with anyone.Upon completion, student must turn in this material prior to taking the exams.

Program Requirements:

  1. Candidates must have completed a minimum of 9th grade and be out of school

  2. Candidates must have not been granted a diploma from another institution

  3. Candidates must meet MDA financial obligations

  4. Candidates must attend the graduation ceremony


  • Study and complete this material and prepare to take four exams, one for each subject.

  • Use the internet, library or a tutor to help you.

  • You have three months to complete. A $150.00 penalty fee is assessed for failure to complete within the allotted time. You may re-take the exams two times.

  • You may register and pay online ( in the Tuition tab or in person. Registration is $150.00. Additionally, a fee of $75.00 is assessed for each exam (total 4=$300). As disclosed above, a $200.00 discount is granted when the student pre-pays the course=$450.00. Otherwise, the total cost for the course is $650.00. Fees include diploma, transcripts and a confirmation letter. THE DIPLOMA WILL BE WITHHELD UNTIL THE STUDENT ATTENDS HIS/HER ASSIGNED GRADUATION CEREMONY.

Congratulations and welcome to My Dreams Academy!