My Dreams Academy was founded by a 9th-grade dropout who grew up with a dream.

A new renaissance man, Johnny Cordero is an operatic tenor, composer of award-winning songs, actor, inventor, an author, expert in environmental law, an entrepreneur, poet, educator, former Golden Gloves boxer and the founder of My Dreams Academy. And has earned two college degrees. Mr. Cordero’s story has been featured on national television.

In 2012, Johnny Cordero decided to pursue his dream of helping others less fortunate, those in situations similar to what he once faced. My Dreams Academy, a high school in Texas, was and is his vision to realize the dream.

Johnny Cordero grew up poor, in the public projects of Puerto Rico, surrounded by criminals, drug addicts and fugitives of all kinds. His mother worked long days, cleaning houses, washing clothes and performing other household chores in other people’s homes, he recalled.

Having flunked out of high school during his 9th grade year, Johnny learned the value of studying outside the mainstream school system, but he also saw the value of organized education. As a child, he devoured books that his older siblings left on an old dilapidated bookshelf. He memorized poems, essays, portions of classical works. He memorized commercials heard over the radio, songs, and even entire newspaper articles. To this day, he can still recite them and remembers every single word! His talents served him well, leading him to work hard to build successful acting and singing careers.

Then, entering a new stage in life, Mr. Cordero turned to realizing an old dream, to create a school for youth and adults at high risk of not finishing a high school education because of poverty, family troubles, the attractions of gangs and crime and drugs, or the many other perils of our society.

In 2012, the school was opened in Fort Worth, Texas, for students coming from diverse backgrounds, diverse economically, ethnically, socially, racially or whatever.

Given his background, Johnny created a school that recognizes and respects these personal differences. The Academy also incorporates personal backgrounds into academic studies whenever possible and encourages learning exploration and self-actualization. My Dreams Academy operates with a bilingual, multicultural academic model.

The school offers a unique, custom-designed proprietary curriculum. Advanced or accelerated students can “jump ahead” and graduate in a shorter time. Through My Dreams Academy, an adult meeting the requirements may obtain a High School Diploma through an expedited platform. Adults attend classes and complete a series of exams to pace their academic progress. The adult program affords students the flexibility of staying on their jobs while pursuing their studies.

In 2013, at the end of My Dreams Academy’s first year of operation, My Dreams Career School was established for graduates wanting to pursue new career/opportunities. Currently, Academy graduates are attending college, technical schools or My Dreams Career School or have started developing their own new businesses.

My Dreams Academy is currently opening new locations throughout the country.